Three Reasons to Travel to Italy

Rome, Florence, Tuscany, oh my!

St Peters Basilica, Vatican Square

Happy Tuesday beautiful people! I’ve now been back from my FABULOUS Italian vacation for about a month and today I wanted to share with you my top three reasons why everyone needs to travel to Italy immediately. Some of you might be like, who is this chick?! So, for all of you who don’t know, I am a slight Italy expert. Okay I feel like saying “Italy expert” was a bit much, but I did spent three years living and traveling through the amazing Italian countryside with Torin and Zeus, so I think (and hope) that I know more than the average American does.

There are a lot of things that I believe Italians do better than Americans and there will be a blog post for that as well, but for now, I just want to talk about why I believe everyone should visit Italy once in their lifetime (preferably the more the better, but whatever).

trevi fountain italy

The first reason that I think every single person should go to Italy is for the amazing food.

Maybe you’re not a fat kid at heart like I am, that’s fine. But if you’re about unprocessed, fresh tasting food with no preservatives and delicious home made pasta then Italy is the place for you — if you aren’t about homemade pasta, I don’t know if we can be friends. I’m sure there are other places that have food that is just as tasty as the Italians make it, but I haven’t been there yet (and I’ll let ya know when/if I make it there).

Gelato flavors actually TASTE like what is in the ingredients (not gross artificial strawberry), the cheese melts in your mouth because it came off the family farm down the road yesterday (and the animals aren’t pumped full of hormones), the pasta is packed with flavor because it hasn’t been sitting in a box full of preservatives for months.

Let’s not even get me started on the coffee, pizza or breakfast pastries. You guys, my mouth is watering right now.

Reason number two :: the best wine in the world is from Italy.

Maybe I’m biased because I lived there, but let me tell you, I have tasted A LOT of wine, from a LOT of different places. I LOVE wine. To me, there is nothing better than a glass of crisp white wine at the end of the day — except for maybe a chilled bottle of light and fresh prosecco. The reason that Italian wine is so freaking delicious is because they don’t use chemicals or pesticides on their grapes, or put chemicals in their wine. I solemnly swear that drinking Italian wine does not give you a headache the next day (unless of course you drink like two or three… I may or may not have tested the limits of this elusive non-hangover wine).

Most of the popular Italian wines are red, but I’m a white wine girl myself. My favorite white wine comes from a little town in Northern Italy called Soave. It’s teeny tiny, in the province of Verona and the wine is out of this world good. So good that the the first time I went to a winery in Soave I went home with 4 cases of the stuff. It’s light and fruity, but not sweet at all. Like biting into a green apple (lol-ing at myself because you can actually taste green apple in it). And probably the best thing about wine in Italy is the price tag. It’s crazy to me to see one of my favorite Pinot Grigio bottles is $22, top shelf wine at Publix, and in Italy it is bottom shelf 4 Euro (at most).

If you ever want to know if you should buy a certain Italian wine - PLZ TEXT ME SOS.

Everything is beautiful in Italy.

Literally everything. Rome, on a rainy day - stunning. Florence in the morning before the tourists are out - breathtaking. Venice at sunset - life changing. Dolomites in the fall - you gotta be kidding me. You have the incredible architecture, brightly painted house and lush green fields, vineyards and countryside.

I actually can not find enough descriptive words to tell you how beautiful Italy is, so I’m going to show you instead..