Planning a summer photoshoot? Read these tips first!

So it’s just about summer time here in Georgia and southern summers brings a couple of things:

Engagement sessions, weddings, senior photo shoots and lots of heat. I’m here to help out all my southern friends today with a couple of tricks and tips on battling the summer heat while still looking flawless for your photo sessions.

Tips for planning the perfect senior photoshoot during the summer.

First let’s talk about what you want to do with your hair for your photoshoot:

It’s pretty hard to avoid getting frizzy hair when the humidity is 90% - can I get an amen?! It’s hot and sweaty and makes everything stick to you, and your hair go crazy. I’ve got a couple of solutions to help keep your hair looking smooth and gorgeous throughout your photoshoot:

1) If you want your hair to be straight - go to a salon and just pay for the blowout. They’re going to put in all kinds of product to help ensure that your beautiful locks don’t frizz out like a bad perm in the 80s.

2) If you don’t want to pay to go to the salon to have your hair done for your senior session, give yourself loose curls! Curls are really easy to hide fly-a-way frizzy pieces, and they flatter pretty much every facial structure in photos. I personally use moroccan oil in my hair to help tame my wild hair, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone. Talk to your hair dresser about what kind of product would work best for your hair!

3) Pin or tie the front pieces back. Absolutely nothing is worse than having those baby hairs sticking to your forehead in your photos. Not only are they annoying as heck to photoshop away, but they also don’t help anyone in the confidence department. I truly believe that in order to look your best in your photos you need to be feeling your best, and you’re not going to be feeling good if you know that your hair is stuck to the sweat on your forehead. A loose braid across your forehead pairs perfectly with soft curls or a messy half top-knot is always a good choice to keep your hair off your face. 

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Summer senior portrait tips for the heat

Okay so we started at the top with your hair, now let's get into make-up.

If I’m being completely honest: I don’t have much experience with make-up, because I don’t wear very much of it. But what I can tell you from a photographer’s standpoint is this: keep your make-up natural looking. When you wear heavy make-up, your skin can’t breath and you sweat more on your face.

If your skin is naturally oily and prone to the face sweats, I would suggest buying some oil wipes to blot your skin to keep it looking clean and dry. If you don’t want to buy them, guess what works just as well and lives in my camera bag: coffee filters. They absorb the sweat without ruining your make-up and they’re cheap! 

natural hair and make up ideas for senior portrait session

On to the most time consuming part of any senior photoshoot or engagement session:

What to wear… Something cool! I know that seems counterintuitive, but you’d be surprised at what people have brought to their summer photoshoots. Ladies, try to stick to dresses, skirts or a cute floral romper instead of jumpsuits or long dresses. Guys, bust out those linen pants instead of jeans or khakis. 

A few other tips for what to wear to your summer photoshoot:

- avoid bright colored fabrics that show sweat drops and stick to colors like white or neutrals or black that don’t show sweat as much.

- try pattens to hide sweat if you know you’ll be sweaty no matter what. Floral print is awesome at hiding sweat, and gingham print looks good on *everybody* and is also great to camouflage the sweat.

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Engagement session in Providence Canyon, Columbus Georgia

And my last piece of advice for planning your summer photoshoot:

Picking a time and location!

When you’re thinking about what time of day you want your photoshoot to be at, remember this: the temperature is coolest in the morning, but the humidity is also usually at its highest in the morning as well. The heat never really seems to go away during the summer months in Georgia, so don’t think that as the sun goes down, the heat will go away. The humidity will burn off as the sun gets hotter, but the sun is still getting hotter. Typically I recommend to my clients that we try for earlier in the morning in the summer because humidity isn’t as hard to battle as heat AND humidity. 

Picking your location is probably the easiest part! Pick a spot that’s got some shade! Yes, those photos in the direct sunlight can be super dreamy, but that sunlight is also hot as heck and nobody like standing in direct sunlight when it’s 98 degrees outside, right? Besides, if you have me as your photographer, I can find a little teeny patch of sunlight hidden in shade and still capture that sunshiney photo that you see on Pinterest. 

In an ideal world your senior session or engagement shoot would take place on a day when the weather is sunny but not hot, with a nice breeze, big clouds and the temps are in the 70s. But, in reality, if you’re planning any type of photoshoot during the summer days of Georgia (which can also last painfully into fall) it’s going to be seven shades of hot, humid and sweaty, so be kind to yourself by planning ahead, and don’t forget to bring some water ;)