A Gorgeous Spring Senior Photoshoot :: Emily M takes on the Columbus Riverwalk

Senior year is wrapping for the class of 2019, which means my three fantastic senior representatives are growing up and moving on in the world - AKA going to college, and I couldn’t be more happy for them to move on, but also sad that they’re moving on. These ladies have given me so much, and I’m going to miss their sweetness in my life (hopefully they still text me, hint hint). 

Senior Portrait Photographer in Columbus Ga

BUTTTT it also means that I am shopping for juniors to take their places next year, you know, to get some gorgeous senior portraits of yourself living your best life.

I had my last senior portrait session with the lovely Emily M a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited to share these photos with you guys (and Em and Ginger!). We met down on the Riverwalk, and the weather was not exactly perfect — it was pretty cold to be honest. But we had the sunlight to make us look like we were warm.. It was actually the best light I’ve had all year in Columbus, so even though we were all freezing cold, the pictures look warm and sunshiney and glowy!

As always, Em decided to go with a natural make-up look for part two of her senior photoshoot (which I think really makes her gorgeous brown eyes pop on camera) and soft curls for her hair. Emily and her mom and grandmother had just gotten back from their fantastic beach trip to Florida and they were looking tan and extra gorgeous. Em has the prettiest skin I have ever seen and it makes me jealous that I don’t ever get that shade of brown. I just get freckles and sunburnt. 

Spring senior photo shoot in a white dress on the Columbus Riverwalk in Georgia

As always, she brought a lot of white to wear (I mean with that beautiful tanned skin, why wouldn’t you wear white!?) but she decided to go against the normal outfit choices and wear red for one outfit and white for the other half of her photos. So if you didn’t know this, my favorite color is red. I love it. And I really love red clothing. I think it is flattering on 99% of people and I get excited when people wear it. OF COURSE Emily looked *fantastic* in her red cap and gown, and OF COURSE she looked flawless in her red tank top. But honestly, I have yet to see this girl put on something that doesn’t look good. Even standing in the middle of bushes her portraits are stunning.

Emily is one of those types of girls who is so sweet and genuine it really shows through into the photographs she takes. You can tell her smile radiates from her heart, and that just makes her senior sessions all the more gratifying to me. I can always get a good feel for when someone is being authentic in front of the camera, and when someone isn’t and with Emily it’s like I don’t even need to watch for the fake smile because every single one is real and sincere. 

Thank you so much Em for being one of my seniors this year, and for being such a delight in my life! I enjoyed doing both of your senior portrait sessions and I can’t wait to watch you grow into an adult! 

Atlanta Spring senior portrait photographer
Columbus GA spring senior cap and gown session
Emily Reedstrom