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Tonight I am sharing Emily M's senior portraits!

Emily is one of my three senior representatives this year, and I have been beyond happy to be photographing all three of these beautiful girls. They are kind, funny, very chic and absolutely gorgeous. Emily was my first session of the three, so she gets to be the first up on the blog!

Emily is a cheerleader at Northside High School, and she is so sweet I was a little bit surprised. Typically seniors have a "I run the world" attitude, and while it might be hidden from their portrait photographer, you can still tell there is some sass in them. Emily is totally the opposite of that. Anything I suggested, she did with her (stunning) smile on her face. She laughed at all my jokes (which are truly not funny) and shared her summer adventures with me.

Columbus Senior Photo

I mean seriously...

Doesn't she make these airy black and white photos gorgeous?!

Emily is just the type of person who radiates happiness, kindness and sincerity. Not to mention she is a beauty queen with those gorgeous long lashes and big brown eyes. Emily not only made my job fun, but she made me happy just by photographing her infectious smile.

Senior Portrait Photography Columbus GA

Do you love these stunning senior photos?

I know I do! I can't wait to photograph Emily again for her next session, because I know I will leave with a perma-smile on my face from her sweet soul. I look forward to the fashion choices she brings too - because let's be honest - this girl could look good in a brown paper sack.

Northside High School Class of 2019

Want to know something CRAZY?!

I have one portrait session left open in September...

And less than 5 slots open in October! So what are you waiting for?! You know you love how gorgeous Emily looks, and you can totally imagine yourself in all of these photos - wind blowing in your hair with your makeup perfectly applied and your outfit on point!

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