Sunrise Beach Engagement Photos:: Ali & Ryan

Destination engagement photos taken on a beach in Cancun, Mexico.

Let me begin by saying I have bias towards this engagement session. First of all, Ali is my sister and has modeled for me all over the world. Italy, California, Savannah.. We go on vacations and I usually pack a wedding dress for her to put on. It’s just our thing. So obviously when you go to Mexico for a destination wedding, you also schedule as many other sessions there as possible. And WHY NOT do a sunrise beach engagement session?!

For these engagement photos I knew two things: 

  1. The photos should be gorgeous, but mainly full of natural beauty.

  2. I wanted to get pictures of them in the ocean and not just walking down the beach. 

Caribbean Ocean Engagement Photographs

The really great thing about photographing your sister and her fiancé is that you get to be the BIG boss. With clients, I try to keep my bossiness low key. I try not to act like I’m a Hollywood film director or the most excited person on planet Earth about all of my cool ideas. But with my sister I can shout glorious things like: how much I am in love with these engagement photos; this sunlight is so magical I’m going do die; they are the most beautiful couple on this planet; how I am the greatest photographer to ever live (listen — no judgement, I get really excited sometimes).

Clearly the photo session went off without a hitch. Ryan and Ali got into the Caribbean Ocean and got tossed around like two little professional models for a wedding magazine spread. The wind was fantastically blowing Ali’s wild curls in all directions for extra cinematic effect and the sun was so bight and yummy and bouncing off the sand in all directions — it was magical. 

Beach engagement pictures in Cancun Mexico
Beach engagement photos

I loved the outfit choices that Ali and Ryan went with, especially Ryan’s bow-tie! I always feel like a guy wearing a bow-tie is dressed to impress. Not to mention, bow-ties photograph so nicely during sessions. Ties can be crooked or in our case it would be gotten blown around by the wind. Ali’s final outfit choice, a dusty blue, floor length chiffon dress from Lulu’s was my favorite of the three outfit picks. It was absolutely stunning against the bright sky, ocean and her tanned skin! 

Photographing a beach engagement session has been really high on my bucket list for a LONG time, basically since Pinterest was invented, and the added bonus of having it at sunrise made my heart burst. 

Cancun, Mexico engagement photo ideas at the beach

I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic and happy couple. My favorite part about this glamorous beach engagement photoshoot was exactly how happy Ali and Ryan were together. At first Ryan said “I don’t know what to do with my hands,” and my response is ALWAYS “hold her the same way you would hold her if I wasn’t here.” You guys. Ryan delivered! He was completely relaxed as soon as I gave that suggestion and they were so snuggly and affectionate with each other I think they thought that I wasn’t there.

Beachy engagement photos in Mexico