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Senior portraits at the beach!?

say whaaaaaaat?!

Senior Portraits at the Beach

I feel like I start every single blog post bragging about how awesome and beautiful my clients are.. Do I do that? Probably. I speak the truth people! Stormy is no exception to the rule - she totally came ready to blow these senior photos out of the water (see what I did there - bad pun.. so sorry). Hair and make up was done by the AMAZING Kaila Curtis at Southern Glam Salon, outfits were planned according to the locations we were going and ideas formulated with this beauty queen about taking on the beach.

Basically anything adventurous is fun to me - no shock there - and I was beyond in love with the ideas that Stormy had for her senior session because they included hanging at the beach, being barefoot and GETTING IN THE WATER! Cue all the love emojis you guys, because Stormy took her senior picture ideas and RAN with them. Like ran past all expectations of pretty and landed on FLAWLESS.

I think you will agree with me after you see these beautiful portraits.

Callaway Gardens Senior Portrait Photos
senior portraits at the beach

How. Freaking. Dreamy.

is this photo of Stormy in this beautifully soft purple dress at the beach?! I am telling you guys - Callaway Gardens is probably one of the most underrated spots in Georgia. And of course, Stormy made every spot we went to look like a flipping magazine back drop. I know, I know, you’re day drooling over these senior portraits - it’s totally fine, I am too.

senior portrait outfits
Happy girls are the prettiest
Columbus GA senior portraits

Can you totally picture yourself laughing into my camera, and giving my your very best Victoria Secret Model face?

Well WHAT are you waiting for then?!

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Senior Portrait session at the beach