Columbus Botanical Gardens || Kylie || Senior Portraits

It’s a senior portrait session!

I have been so excited to share this GORGEOUS senior’s session from two weeks ago and with all the weddings and training for my upcoming Ironman (EEK it’s in TWELVE DAYS!) I knew I was going to have to carve a chunk of time to go through and decide which photographs to share, and which to save.. I’m being super honest here: EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. of Kylie was stunning. I am sure that the scenery helped out too - y’all know I am beyond obsessed with the Columbus Botanical Gardens, but seriously, Kylie blew my mind with her modeling skills.

AND! Her first words to me were “I’m super awkward in front of the camera,” NO HONEY, you are not. YOU, are a total babe and you have such an adventurous soul!

Columbus Botanical Garden Senior Portrait

Can we just take a second to appreciate how beautiful these portraits are, and they way she looks tucked away next to this willow tree?!


I loved everything from our session together: Kylie’s outfit choices were *flawless*, her want to go barefoot made my heart SO happy (I am the queen of going barefoot), the fact that she totally didn’t care that it was raining for about half of our shoot. Literally everything about this girl made me so excited to be capturing her senior year. Kylie exudes confidence, warmth and pure joy.

Senior Portrait Session Columbus Botanical Garden
Columbus Botanical Garden Senior Portraits

And if you didn’t know, Kylie is an AMAZINGLY talented soccer player!

She is going to Auburn University next year to play on their team and she has been unofficially committed to Auburn since she was a freshman! TALK ABOUT SUPER STAR! She wanted to show off some of her soccer skills and naturally, being the daring photographer that I am, I agreed to let her kick the ball as hard as she could, in my direction a few times. I guess it looks like I’ll have to become an Auburn fan so that I can follow this girls amazing future!

Auburn University Soccer Team

If you’re thinking of booking a senior session with me, PLEASE seniors, do it now! I am fully booked for the month of October, and November is filling up rapidly. I am only booking THREE seniors in November, so what are you waiting for?!


She even manages to make an umbrella photograph well!

Like I said, it rained a little bit (okay it totally down-poured and thundered for like 30 minutes) but Kylie was insistent that we just wait it out. “I can see blue sky over there, it’ll come this way!” And she was totally right. The rain passed and the Columbus Botanical Garden literally bloomed in front of us. The greenery became this luscious rich shade of emerald, the leafs on the trees glistened with rain drops, and all the colors of the flowers became more vibrant.

Rainy Senior Portrait ideas