Planning your senior portrait outfits

So you finally booked your senior portraits, and now you’re busy searching through Pinterest for ideas on make up, hair styles, outfits and any tips you can find.

senior portrait outfits

Well I am here to help you out. The most common question I get asked before a session is, “What do I wear?” Girl, do I know what you have in your closet? Heck no. But, I can still offer some advice on putting together timeless AND playful looks for your photoshoot.

First, you need to know how many outfits to plan for; so make sure that you talk to your photographer! Sometimes you’re only allowed one outfit, sometimes you’re allowed a bunch. For my 2 hour sessions, I tell my seniors they can bring as many options as they want, but outfit changing eats into camera time, so a good rule of thumb is 3 (we usually do about 45 minutes per outfit).

senior portrait ideas

So what outfits do you wear to your senior photoshoot?

Outfit number one should be a touch extra. Something elaborate and chic, but you don’t mind a picture of you in the outfit hanging on the mantel for all of eternity. A few examples of this are a colorful dress that you’d wear to a wedding, a classic little black dress, a feminine jumpsuit, or maybe a floral romper. Plan like you’re going to an Easter brunch.

Outfit option two should be casual, but something that you have worn in the past and you KNOW it looks good on you. Maybe your favorite destroyed jeans with a top in a color that favors your skin, hair, and eyes with a relaxed floral kimono. Or, are you obsessed with your overalls and can’t imagine life without them?! Wear them! This outfit should be in line with a girls night out.

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Outfit numero three … Let’s do something fun! Maybe you’re playful and bubbly and you were born wearing a flower crown, or are you bold and obsessed with crop tops (even though mom hates them), or maybe you want to show off your soccer uniform with some adventurous action shots.  Love the adorable floppy hat? Bring it! What is life without your dog? Bring them too!

senior portrait with dogs columbus ga

You photoshoot should be a representation of who YOU are, and the more open you are with your photographer, the better the session is going to be. Regardless of the outfits you wear, the props you bring, or the poses you practice in the mirror, the main reason your session is going to come out stunning is because of your happy and beautiful soul.

Are you ready for you close up?

Start living your best life, and book your session with me!

senior portrait columbus ga

senior portrait hacks

  • Don’t forget your accessories! Jewelry, shoes, and hair pieces are just as important.

  • Treat yourself to a mani/pedi! You definitely don’t want to have gremlin toes in those adorable platform sandals.

  • Practice your hair and make up before the big day! Nothing is as frustrating as trying to get ready when your hair won’t cooperate.

senior portrait outfit columbus ga