Keeping up with Emily (ep. 2: July 2018)

Happy August y'all! 

HOW. Is it August already?! I need to know where the summer has gone? I can't believe that my senior reps are already going back to school, and before you know it, it'll be October, and then it's Ironman Louisville! 

My July was pretty low-key (unlike the upcoming August-which is jam packed) and that gave me the time to make some solid effort in my training for the upcoming Ironman, and it allowed me to do some reflecting, and adjusting in my business. It can be really hard working alone (okay, my co-workers are Zeus and Apollo and they are all about skipping work for walks) and not having anyone to discuss crazy ideas with (no- Torin doesn't count). Self reflection is something I DO NOT have a hard time with at all, but applying said reflection is where I fall apart. I guess we'll see how August goes and then I'll let you know if I applied my July's reflections.... 


T and I celebrated S E V E N years of marriage. So crazy. We had the BEST sushi dinner (like I was so full I thought about unbuttoning my pants) and then raced together at the Chattahoochee sprint. In the past seven years, we have moved three times, raised to pupbabes, challenged each other constantly at Yatzee, learned exactly how to push the other persons buttons and done some impressive wine drinking. No shock here: I can't wait to see where the next 7 years take us. 


Second: Chattahoochee Sprint

YOU GUYS. I had SO much fun racing this local race, here in Columbus. I literally could not have had a better race (except for the really bag blisters from running sock-less). This is kind of me humble-bragging, but I came in FOURTH PLACE over all. And this was not fourth out of four, this was fourth out of a lot. Like a hundred or something. And, 1st in my age group. I also made a new friend, DAVE! Dave is friends with all my Italy friends, and I recognized him from pictures, and I sneaky took a picture of him and sent it to them and I was like HEY, isn't he your friend too?! After that I had to introduce myself, and we are now basically besties (#fakenews). 

Third: REALLY AWESOME new clients! I am super excited to share Kristen and Josh's engagement session, Josh brought his HARLEY. I felt like a total geek asking him 750 questions, which I will blog about in full very soon! And Miss Lindsey was a new senior to me, and she is basically a model. Her eyes are so big and blue and gorgeous y'all. 

Fourth: I enjoyed down time! I almost never get down time. But I got to meet my fur-nephew, Clarence, spend some quality time with Ali at her *promotion ceremony* (woohooo!), snuggle my pups, and go to a styled shoot in Athens. Athens I am kind of in love with you BTW.

That's July in a nutshell y'all!

I finished one book, The Lovely Bones, practiced my lettering skills endlessly, and I did not skip a single training session.. Which added up to 65 miles of running, 17,000+ yards of swimming and 321 miles of biking.. Here I come Louisville!

Emily Reedstrom