Keeping up with Emily (ep. 1: June 2018)

Hi friends! 

Well, it's Friday. We made it through the worlds strangest week ever. You know, the one where Wednesday was The Fourth Of July? I hate Wednesday holidays. Then you have to go back to work on Thursday and it feels like a Monday so you can't really get anything accomplished. It's just so weird. 

Anyway! One of my 2017 goals was to blog once a month. CLEARLY I have not been doing that, so this is kind of a way to hold me to this. The first Friday of every month I am going to share all the things that you might have missed in the previous month. Hyper-speed KKUWTK - minus ugly crying and drama. 

Hubby and I went on vacation! We go on two vacations a year, summer is usually spent in Raleigh, North Carolina with his family. While we were there I raced in my FIFTH 70.3 (incase you played 2 truths and a lie this morning on the gram - number 3 was the lie! I HATE the color orange), and Hubby, his brother and dad did the 70.3 as a relay team.

Quick Race Recap: IT. WAS. HOT. Like grossly hot. All my New England people - please don't ever complain to me about training in the heat.  Y'all get the pleasure of your sweat evaporating. I had a few lofty goals that went unachieved, but I learned how to adjust expectations on race day, and not let it bring down my mood or my race. I had raced the course two years before (which was the worst race of my entire life) and this year I PR'ed my swim, bike and run, so I felt really happy at the end of the day. I came in 18th place in my age group - one of my goals was to come in the top 20 - and I came in almost an hour faster than my 2016 race. I also had the best 13.1 time of any triathlon I've competed in, which brought me a lot of joy as there was 500ish feet of elevation and not a lot of shade. 

After the race we hung out at the Reedstrom Residence in Cary and did a whole lot of relaxing. I became a plant mom with some really cute succulents and cacti, we went to my favorite farmers market on the East Coast, and spent quality time with all the siblings, Mom, and Dad.

I had to come back to Georgia a little bit early to have a senior portrait session (if you haven't seen how gorgeous my senior models are this year, you need to follow me on Instagram), and when I got home from my session Torin said, "Let's go to the beach." Here's something crazy about Torin: HE HATES THE BEACH. I literally do not understand how anyone can hate the beach, but he is a mountain kinda guy, and I am a beach gal. Obviously I was thrilled, so we hopped in the car and went to Destin! *Naturally* the weather was not perfect, but I'll take a cloudy day at the beach over no day at the beach. 

June 23rd was sissy's birthday, and my mama and Jack came to Atlanta to hang for the weekend. Ali is officially a quarter of a century old and used my night serium twice for her non-existant wrinkles. We went up to Dahlonega and sipped some wine (which was not terrible - hello, my name is Emily and I'm a wine snob), ate some sushi and laughed until our cheeks hurt. I also had my first experience with a martini, and let me just share: martinis make me giggly as heck y'all. It could have definitely been company I was in, but I'd say it was at least 85% martini giggles. This remains unknown, but I will experiment on the subject further, and definitely update everyone. 

That about sums up my fabulous month of June. 

One vacation, one triathlon, one birthday, two senior sessions, one book (I *FINALLY* finished "You Are A Badass"), 277 miles on the bike, 11,600+ yards in the pool, 60 miles of running, countless hugs from my hubby, and dozens of kisses from my mama. 

If you want to a play by play of July - y'all should hop on to Insta and follow along! If that's a lot of work (seriously - I know it's a lot of work, it's 60% of my job) you can catch me here, next month for a recap on all things Emily.

Last but certainly not least:

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If you know anyone who lives in those areas, and is in need of some new photographs to hang on their walls (or put up on the gram) please send them my way.

I've got some exploring to do!

Emily Reedstrom