An Adventurous Styled Elopement in Chewacla State Park, Auburn, Alabama


Hi Friends! Happy Thursday! AND happy first day of March!! How is that even possible, I need to know. Does anyone else feel like they just dragged all their Christmas decorations back into storage or is it just me? (Cough, maybe because I did it like the last week of January... Don't judge me.) I have been looking forward to sharing these photos with y'all for the *longest* time, but I am an over-booker (Jenna Kutcher terms this a "yes man") so I have had very small windows of time to work on these beauties. 


The idea came from none other than Shayna Chapman; she really wanted to put together a styled elopement with these beautiful chairs that she had just purchased. "I've got these really cool, high back chairs that I'm dying to use," she said. And if I'm honest, they are really cool chairs. After chatting for a long time about models, we landed on my very favorite dress gal, Hannah Burton from Uptown Gowns and her boyfriend at time (they're now engaged!!) Kirby. Hannah also provided us with this gorgeous dress that she told us she'd been dying to get photographed.

The day of the shoot came shortly before Christmas; the weather outside was cold, and so freaking windy we had to keep adjusting Kirby's tie because it would not lay flat. But, the sunlight was bright and beautiful, so does it really matter if you can't feel your hands? We set the trailer up in a large field in La Grange, and a couple days later we trekked over to Auburn to finish up in the beautiful Chewacla State Park. Seriously though, if you have never been to Chewacla State Park, you need to go. You'll thank me.


My favorite thing about Hannah and Kirby is that they make each other into a whole person.


I know it's a common saying "you're my other/better half," but in their sense, it's completely true. At the time, they had just gotten back from a vacation together to visit Kirby's family, and there was a such a sense of togetherness it was almost palpable. Shortly after our shoot they GOT ENGAGED, and I was not even remotely shocked after spending time with them as a couple. I am very fortunate to have this sweet girl in my life, but I think Kirby is really the lucky one here! 


Models: Hannah Burton & Kirby Weaver

Florals and Greenery: Shayna Chapman, S. Chapman Designs

Dress: Uptown Gowns

Design and Styling: Shayna Chapman, S.Chapman Designs

Venue: Chewacla State Park, Three Oaks Farm